Why Choose Woodbury Spine

"I bring more life to more people through the power of the chiropractic adjustment."

Entry Chiro fin copyAt Woodbury Spine Wellness Center, our purpose is to help you and your family achieve your optimum health. Through chiropractic care, you are able to achieve improved health naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic is founded on the principle that a healthy spine and nervous system equals optimum health. However, incidents like poor posture, traumas, falls, accidents and even the birthing process itself can lead to damage to vital nerve impulses causing critical messages to be blocked or impaired. This can lead to serious illness and disease. Chiropractic care removes this interference through gentle spinal adjustments thereby returning the body to its normal function.

At Woodbury Spine Wellness Center, our goal is to help you better understand this powerful approach to health care today. I invite you to browse this web site and experience why an "optimum functioning spine equals optimum health."

Built on a solid foundation, Woodbury Spine Wellness Center has inherited the family commitment to quality service and gentle and effective techniques. Today, our doctors uphold the ethics and principles established by chiropractic's founders over 119 years ago.