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Why Text Neck is Killing Your Confidence, Sleep, Brain Health, and Performance

Date: November 9, 2017 | Time: 2:34pm

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For a long time, we've known about the twin problems of texting and using a computer. But no-one realized just how far the damage could go.

This graphic shows how even the slightest forward head posture can add extra weight and pressure to your spine. Take a look at those around you (or look in a mirror) and be honest with yourself. Which of these images could be you?

Here's a video of one of our doctors explaining how forward head posture can damage the spine {WATCH VIDEO}.


Regardless of how much you hit the gym, how well you eat, or how much you look after your body, hours spent sitting at a desk with your neck craned over a keyboard or constantly arching your head down to look at your smart phone eats away at your health in ways you could never predict.

Text neck is especially concerning because young, growing children, through increasing time spent on smart phones, could possibly cause permanent damage to their cervical spines that could lead to lifelong neck pain and other conditions.

Every minute you spend in these positions contributes to even more long-term pain, weight upon your spine, compressing your nervous system, and damaging your body.

Prevention is key and rehabilitation is important! Be sure you're getting your spine adjusted regularly to deal with text neck symptoms on a regular basis. If you spend hours on the computer or looking at your phone for work or school (or recreation), take frequent breaks and be sure your devices are positioned in a way as such they will not cause long-term damage to your spine. Consult your doctor at Woodbury Spine for exercises to strengthen your cervical spine, and for other ways to prevent long-term damage.

Every day you fail to deal with forward head posture is another day closer to irreparable, permanent damage to your neck, back, and shoulders... for the rest of your life.

For more information, or to schedule yourself (or a family member or child) for a consultation, give our office a call at (651)731-0505.

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5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes

Date: October 26, 2017 | Time: 10:55am


By Dawn Goettl, CPT, Woodbury Spine Wellness Center

It is that time of the year when winter sport athletes start gearing up for practice and games and tournaments at the gymnasium! The number one goal of all Coaches, Athletes and Parents IS or SHOULD be continuously progressing through a season or workout session pain free and injury free. Whether you're a weekend warrior, a high school athlete or a future Olympian; the benefits of chiropractic care for athletes are considerable. Regular adjustments can help you to keep achieving your personal best - pain and injury free.

1. Prevention of injuries

As an athlete, you require speed, flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination to achieve your very best. Unfortunately, due to the very competitive nature of sports and athletics, your body can take quite a punishing. This can lead to spinal misalignment, which then triggers irritation in your nervous system. The nervous system sends an alert from your brain to all the muscles and organs of your body. This irritation can lead to pain, inflammation and dysfunction, negatively affecting your performance and leading to an increased tendency to injury and poor healing.

Chiropractors are specialists in understanding and working with the biomechanical function of your neuromusculoskeletal system. In other words, your chiropractor has an excellent working understanding of the structure and function of all the muscles, joints and bones, plus the nerves that stimulate and control them. Fatigue and poor alignment in any of these areas will leave you open to injuries and impede your performance no matter what sport you play.

Many athletic and sporting injuries are actually initiated while training in the pre competition phase due to factors such as incorrect posture or misalignment, combined with lack of fitness and conditioning. By conducting a proper biomechanical assessment of YOUR whole body, your chiropractor can formulate the most effective conditioning and injury prevention program for YOU.

Imagine how much better your sporting performance could be if you weren't hindered by constant injuries or sidelined for weeks at time due to injuries!

2. Drug and surgery-free treatment of injuries

One of the most popular reasons that athletes seek treatment and advice from chiropractors is to help them recover faster from injuries without the need for painkillers or surgery.

Chiropractic treatment works for old and new injuries. Whether you're suffering from an injury to your shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, back, elbow, wrist or hand, chiropractic treatment can help. Your chiropractor will conduct an extensive biomechanical assessment of your body, including tests such as x-rays or an MRI, where indicated. They will accurately diagnose not just the type of injury and how to best treat it, but also assess how the injury occurred in the first place. By diagnosing and treating any underlying imbalances and poor nerve supply, your chiropractor can also help to prevent re-injury and speed the healing process.

The types of injuries that chiropractors commonly help athletes overcome include:

  • overuse inflammation
  • fractures
  • sprains and strains
  • muscle, ligament and tendon tears
  • shin splints.

3. Enhanced performance

By focusing on helping you achieve whole body wellness, regular chiropractic treatments will help to reduce the effects of physical, mental and emotional stress upon your body, improving your athletic performance. Stressed, fatigued, imbalanced and poorly aligned muscles, nerves, joints and bones are prone to injury. It's a bit like driving a race car with poorly aligned tires and a poorly tuned engine; you'll never achieve your optimum performance no matter how hard you train or how gifted you are naturally.

Your brain takes information from the environment around you and then sends nerve signals out to your body to let it know how to best respond. All of this happens without you having to think about it and allows your body to catch, throw, run or jump. If there is a blockage in the nerve flow from brain to body due to irritation in the nerve roots of your spine, your body isn't receiving the correct information from your brain and is unable to respond as well to changes in your environment. This may leave you slower to react or more prone to fatigue, reducing your athletic performance.

Some of the performance enhancing benefits of chiropractic care for athletes include:

  • increased flexibility
  • improved blood flow and circulation
  • optimal range of motion
  • reduced stress and improved wellbeing
  • faster healing time from injuries
  • decreased risk of injuries.

4. Faster recovery

By removing many of the common contributors to athletic injuries (poor flexibility, alignment, blood circulation and nerve supply), regular chiropractic treatments will result in faster healing of any injuries that you do sustain. Chiropractic care for athletes is also recommended to help prevent and treat the cumulative effects of small stresses and micro injuries that occur over many years.

It's important to see your chiropractor for treatment as soon as possible after any injury to help support your body's own healing processes. Sporting and athletic injuries do not tend to go away if you ignore them. Instead, they tend to become chronic sources of pain and lead to further areas of imbalance as your body compensates around the weakened and injured area.

5. Pain management

Whether you're experiencing headaches or pain in your back, knees, shoulders, hips, elbows, ankles, hands or wrists your chiropractor can help to restore normal function and reduce pain safely and effectively without the need for painkillers.

Chiropractic treatment focuses on correcting any abnormal alignment patterns in your spine and body. This helps to reduce and eliminate strain and stress on pain sensitive tissues such as nerves, muscles, joints, discs and ligaments.

Many athletes mistakenly accept chronic, ongoing and nagging pains as part of life or rely on prescription painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to keep the pain at bay. One of the most powerful benefits of chiropractic care for athletes is the ability help you maintain a pain free, balanced and flexible body that is always functioning at its absolute best.

"PHAT" FACT: An estimate of at least 90% of world class athletes use Chiropractic on a regular basis to prevent injuries and improve their performance!

We can Sponsor Your Team

Did you know? Woodbury Spine Wellness Center sponsors teams of all ages, shapes, sizes, and sports, providing not only financial support, Injury Prevention Education, and Performance Optimization at no cost to the team. Contact us today to have your team sponsored!

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