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Respect Your Signs & Symptoms..

Date: June 8, 2018 | Time: 12:17pm

By Drew Ebel, DC You accidentally put your hand on the stove before its cooled off. Ouch! In less than one second, you're able to sense the pain of searing tissue and pull you had off the stove before further damage can be done to your poor hand. Even though your hand is still in excruciating pain, and you're upset that you just did that, there is still a very important question to ask yourself. Is that pain you're experiencing a.... <view entire article>

The Danger of Diabetes..

Date: June 4, 2018 | Time: 4:42am

By Dawn Goettl, CPT More than 30 million people in the United States have diabetes, and 1 in 4 of them don't know they have it. More than 84 million US adults-over a third-have prediabetes, and 90% of them don't know they have it. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States (and may be underreported). Type 2 Diabetes accounts for about 90% to 95% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes; type 1 diabetes accounts for about.... <view entire article>

Does Your Body Need a Detox?..

Date: May 14, 2018 | Time: 7:47am

By Becky Kileteny, CHC The world we live in is becoming more and more toxic. There are harmful substances in the air, water, cleaners, plastics, food, beauty products, vaccines/medications, dental fillings and even appliances! Truth be told, toxins have always been around, but as societies have developed, so too have their quantity and harshness.These toxins can wreak a variety of negative effects on the body; taking the form of many common health issues today. This is bad news for those of.... <view entire article>

Your Sugar Survival Guide!..

Date: May 7, 2018 | Time: 3:46pm

By Christy Nye, CHC Did you know that the average American consumes over 150 pounds of sugar a year? And in retrospect, we consume only 8 pounds of broccoli a year? This is 20 times the amount of sugar we consume in the 1700's. Sources of this sugar commonly include cane sugar, beet sugar, corn syrup, and corn sugar. The cause of this increase is greatly related to added sugars within a wide variety of popular soft drinks and.... <view entire article>